Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Quake 3: Arena

Ahh I love this game. I know I probably shouldn't, because of my loyal devotion to the original Unreal Tournaments (and I mean devotion! I have a club card, a T-Shirt and.. oh yea! Epic owns my soul ._.) but Quake 3: Arena just seemed to stand out fin it's own little way.

Yea it was only deathmatches but the game just always seemed to flow better than Unreal. It seemed to be a more complete experience. The Mods of course, were also a huge factor. Also, this was the first game I ever played online... and my God did I love it. Try to imagine you're first time playing an online game, and condemn me for having fond memories of this.

Anyway, it's got me jonesing for some Quake Live!

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