Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dead Space

The survival horror genre is a dangerous territory for inexperienced developers. With so many classics embedded within it's mighty past, audience expectations are high. VERY high. In fact, they've became so high that even the two daddies of the genre have failed with their latest installments (Resident Evil 5 and Silent Hill: Homecoming).

With that in mind, Dead Space was destined to be a total flop. EA had never made a survival horror, how could they ever match the likes of Resident Evil 4 or Silent Hill 2? Well I'll tell you how. Because they're damn talented.

Dead Space is like Resident Evil 4 and Bioshock's love child... in space. From the moment you start playing it grabs you by the short ones and drags you deep into it's world, kicking and screaming. I'm not afraid to say, this game freaked me the fuck out on many, MANY occasions. It's not the whole jumping out behind you shit that gets me. It's the whole, woman standing in a blood stained corridor laughing... then shooting herself that does. The gameplay is incredible, with dismemberment being the only way to stop the deadly necromorphs from noming on your face , meaning that slicing off limbs is the primary way of killing.

In short, this is by far one of the best games I've ever played. I won't talk too much about the story, but trust me, if you're a fan of Resident Evil 4 then you'll absolutely adore this.

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