Sunday, 20 December 2009

Honour! Teamwork! Decapitation!


Now as you all know, I only hate three things in this world. Red Steel, Medal of Honour (there’s a U dammit) and Kerry Katona.

So imagine my surprise, when I got Medal of Honour: Airborne for free and… well thoroughly enjoyed it! Yes, thanks to another cock-up by our friends at EA, I got it for free online and played it yesterday (and today). It’s a great little game and has improved ten-fold since it’s pervious instalments. It’s like the modern Call of Duty incarnations, but it throws narrative to the wind and acts more like a WW2 sandbox game than a linear war-a-thon. Each level starts with you in a plane. Then you jump out of the plane. Then you parachute down, and are given a set of objectives scattered across the map and… well expected to get on with it. It’s a brilliantly fun concept, and it’s actually made the WW2 FPS genre feel fresh again (something I NEVER thought I’d say EVER).

Still. They can’t help but toss in a bucket full of “Brothers in Arms” cheese all over the shop during the plane sequences at the very beginning of each level. On the second level, a guy gets shot in the side by a bullet that pierces through the shell of the plane. He sort of rolls around on his chair for a bit until you stand up and get ready to jump. Then he stands up as well, and clips on to the ceiling. “No way, you’re going home Buddy!” shouts the solider in front. “No.” the brave solider chokes. “I’M JUMPING WITH YOU”. I laughed. Out loud. It’s a beautiful mixture of homo eroticism and method acting dross that only Medal of Honour could manage. Also, all the music is identical to every other Medal of Honour game. Am I the only one who notices that?



I’ve been playing through Resident Evil 5 again on co-op (again). It’s so good, it makes me weep tears of pure joy. I forgot how much I enjoy it actually. It may not be a “True Resi” game, but it’s still a bloody good game.


Tonight I’ve just sat and played Team Fortress 2 for a good two hours. The new update is once again, just as enjoyable as the others. I’m once again addicted, and I know for a fact I will be from now until Christmas (that doesn’t really work, considering it’s only five days away). The new weapons are pretty inspired actually. I’m impressed! Damn the non-believers! Viva-la-Team Fortress 2!

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