Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A World At War

I finished COD5 last night, and instead of giving you a straightforward answer, I’ve decided to eat my own words.


On the 28th of October 2008, I blogged about the “new Call of Duty” and what I thought about it. Now, I’m going to repost segments of that post and give my new opinions on them :P


Is it just me, or does COD 5 look really meh. Not just compared to COD 4, but compared to every shooter in the past year. It just looks.. Dull.

Yes. Yes that is just you.


Maybe it is me of course, I've seen millions of people salivating onto their shoes will mumbling something about Japanese guerrilla tactics but I can't see past the fact that it's set in World War 2 again. Call me old fashioned, but it's.... Old fashioned!

Can’t argue there. The World War 2 setting is old fashioned, and it certainly is dead. Dead, but not forgotten. The only reason Call of Duty: World At War manages to become something of a decent game is that it’s just Call of Duty 4 retextured. The story has been written by someone with a brain this time around, and the multiplayer is the same as it’s always been (never a bad thing!) The co-op aspects are also something of a very clever move.


Medal Of Honor died on it's arse because it kept trying and trying to make a different game but always managed to do the same thing ever time. Epic opening followed by linear levels involving about 3 Nazis every 5 steps.

Medal Of Honor did, and I blame that abysmal series for my hatred of World War 2 games. Medal of Honor Rising Sun was so god awful, it’s no wonder I wasn’t vaguely interested in World At War. However, playing COD5 has made me remember something very important. It isn’t Medal of Honor. It’s Call of Duty, which manages to completely flip the Medal of Honor method the other way around. I found on COD5 that the first level was very weak, and every level after that was superb.


I've seen COD5 in action, I've seen it with my own eyes and yes you can coo over the graphics and the flamethrowers but come on. It's just the first 3 Call Of Duty's and in my eyes, that's a very very bad thing.

It would be a bad thing if it resembled the first 3 COD games. But it doesn't. It’s more COD4, and that’s a very very GOOD thing.

But who knows, maybe I'll be eating my own words in a weeks time! Wouldn't surprise me.

Change that to three months time, and you’ll be absolutely right.


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