Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fable 2

In response to a request I received a few days ago, here is my definitive first impressions of a game which deserves everyone's time. A game of such depth, such passion and such epic storytelling.

Today, I got an achievement because when I fart in game, my dog buries it's snout into it's paws and stares at me disgusted. I also got another one, because now the town cryer in Oakwood refers to me as "Nobhead". Is there anything else I need to comment on?

Fable 2 looks at the traditional RPG genre, stares it in great detail, then says "Fuck it" and goes off and does it's own thing. Yea it has a traditional real time combat system, experience points and upgrades etc. but that's as far as it goes. Fable 2 is well aware that it's an RPG, so it certainly doesn't spend a lot of time focusing on it. Instead, it focuses on making it something that a lot of games these days aren't. Fun. One minute you'll be on an epic quest to save a man's child from an underground lair. At the first sight of blood, this man vomits. Deeply disturbing. Next second, you're being followed round by a brummie songwriter. Deeply hilarious.

Every feature of this game oozes professionalism, and there's nothing I can really say against it other than sometimes the controls feel clunky and that's not a valid complaint (Unless i'm referring to Killzone). This is certainly a game that gets my hearty recommendation. Not game of the year, but an exceptionally pleasant experience. 


  1. You should write these professionally :P

    And I used to live in Oakwood... :S

  2. Hoooray! yo udid it sir thank you so much! Now i'll just wait for fable 2 1.5 to come out on pc :D