Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bored On The Bus



I come home early from college on a Wednesday. This unfortunately means, I’m forced to ride the peasant wagon for about half an hour. And today, I left my earphones at home….

So there I was. Riding the bus. Listening to nothing more than this 8 year old scream incomprehensible nonsense,  interspersed only with a grating laugh that made me want to repeatedly slam my head against the seat in front of me… and I was bored. So bored in fact, that I wished (rather specifically for some reason) that I had a HTC Hero phone with the G2 operating system on it. Why? Well I’ll tell you why. Be patient.

See, this fabulous little invention is like the iPhone for people like me (i.e. Skint teenagers) and let’s you do the whole Internet thing that all phones do these days (apart from mine. This may surprise you, but phones aren’t really my forte. I only just got a camera on my phone, for example) and at that moment in time I wanted nothing more than to just sit and go on Facebook, Twitter and maybe (browser permitting) nFortress but I couldn’t. Because I was stuck on this metal cage of hell.

But then I thought… wait a minute. If I had said phone, then by the time I got home I’d have exhausted Facebook and Twitter…. and then what would I do for an hour once I got in? I would have already sorted out all my notifications and read the latest Tweets. I would have replied to all the latest posts on the forum and read all the latest news on a variety of news sites (such as CVG. Not BBC, don’t be daft). Then it occurred to me. This phone would quench my need for entertainment for half an hour, and then that would be it. I would go home and I would sit and I would be bored. This is all that technology does these days! It doesn’t keep us from being bored anymore because the bastard things are so efficient in their purpose that you’re left with more free time than before you got it.


Hence, why I sit and do this I suppose. Games on the Playstation 1 used to take about ten minutes to load up before you could play them. Nowadays I can get onto the online section of Call of Duty 6 within less than 48 seconds, and I haven’t made that up I timed myself. 48 seconds people. Within that time I can be searching for an online game. Hell, within the next twenty seconds I could be playing. It’s ridiculous!

So there you have it. My rant on why technology is shit.

Also, when I was on the bus an advert came on a screen that for the past ten minutes had been displaying adverts for bus passes and I absolutely crapped myself. Since when did that happen?

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