Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Civilisation 4 Makes Me Rage Like A Kitten

So I've been playing Civilisation 4 for the past three days. I set it onto a sort-of-long time length, an average difficulty, huge map, loads of other people on said map and chose myself Winston Churchill has my leader. I was having great fun if I'm honest with you. Up until about eight tonight, I'd spent about four hours advancing my civ and making it really peaceful and cultured. I was doing great, really enjoying playing it, and tonight decided I was just going to sit down and finish it while I had the chance. This is where it all went wrong for me.

So there I was, doing great. I had the highest points out of the 15 or so other civilisations and only 48 turns left, so I was under the impression that I was about to win by points. Then Ragnar, the viking country, took over me in points. In fury, I dedicated all of my cities to constructing parts of a spaceship in order to win the space race.... but the cockpit was going to take 50 turns or something ridiculous. Then I realised if I had aluminum, then It would only take half the time! So I found an aluminum mine and went at it. 25 turns! Brilliant! Wait..... the engine... no wait the engines are going to take 39 turns... and I have 14 turns left.... ffffff---

This was the point where I decided that the only way I was ever going to win, was by destroying every living thing that wasn't situated within my borders by launching about 30 nuclear missiles that I had been building out of boredom for the past 100 or so turns. Then I remembered that all of the other civs had treaties with other civs... basically every single country on the PLANET decided to attack me...

So yea. That's why Civilisation makes me rage like a turtle.

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  1. Why didnt you just go after ragnar you stupid ape! :P