Monday, 28 December 2009

Playstation <3

I think I've actually fallen in love with my Ps3. Like, seriously. Before Christmas, I treated both my PS3 and Xbox in the same way. As games consoles that I enjoyed using. I always held the PS3 in high regard, of course, but I liked them both.

I got a new hard drive for my PS3 for Christmas (320GB, a vast improvement from the measly 450GB that I originally had) and it seems to have just opened up a completely new world. Suddenly, I'm not limited by what I can download and install, or even put onto it. Do I want to (finally) traverse the realms of Playstation Home in it's entirety? Do I want to store pictures and HD movies? Do I want to save as many games as I want?

I think I was unfortunate in that I bought my PS3 last August when the 40GB models were the only ones available, because it's seriously hindered my overall experience with the console. Now though? It's amazing.

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