Tuesday, 22 December 2009

1 vs. 100 - Live


Tonight I decided to pop in and play a game of 1 vs. 100  live, what with it being Christmas and all, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I saw four lucky members of the crowd become “The One” (which by the way, must be an incredibly life affirming experience, because If everyone else playing was acting like me, I was cheering this little bastard on like there was no tomorrow. I was physically shouting at the screen at some points) and only one of them won the grand prize (a rather lovely 10,000 Microsoft points which is just… incredible really.

My presence within these live shows is going to be much more regular now that I’ve finally got a chance to take part in one. 1 Vs. 100 may be one of the cleverest little advertisement I’ve ever played before on a home console. Bravo Microsoft, bravo!

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