Sunday, 23 November 2008

Left Me For Dead

So, first opinions. Well. What can I say? It’s Valve, It’s zombies and it’s Co-Op multiplayer. If your not walking with a limp right now, then your not human. (That was a cheap erection joke, I am sorry.)


I only played the demo for around 2 hours overall. I think it wasn’t long enough for you to get the overall feel of the game. It wasn’t even a taster. Left 4 Dead is a game that, like so many others, needs to be played enough so that the reality sinks in. So that your mouth begins to water with excitement. It is nothing short of genius.



I’ve only played 2 scenarios and a few verses matches so far (the scenarios take around 40 minutes to finish on normal, and considering they change every time you play that’s a hell of a lot of game play hours"). I haven't had as much fun playing a game with friends since Team Fortress 2 and I bet I wont for a very long time.


Everything about this game is polished to perfection, and it just works the way it should. It’s a cinematic experience from the moment you start a game (to the point where the loading screen is a movie poster showing which players are playing which characters. A very nice little touch), when you encounter your first witch and all of your characters speak in hushed panicked whispers. You can’t help becoming  involved, whispering to your mates “It’s a witch, I told you I could hear her. Shit man, flashlights off. FLASHLIGHTS OFF!”.


Valve have mastered the co-op side of this game. You need to work together, and not in a half arsed way like in other games, where one of you can still finish the game with one of your mates doing nothing (probably tea bagging an enemy I expect). If you don’t all stay close one of you will get picked off by the infamous Director (who is every bit as good as we were promised), who will no doubt send a swarm of zombies for you, a hunter, a smoker a boomer or if your really unlucky, a tank.


I’m not even touching the surface here. This game needs to be played. It’s a masterpiece. Cheapest I can find it is £22 of


So what are you waiting for? Go buy it!


  1. You used my "Red on you" picture :D Thanks. I have loads more on my Xfire page... mostly limbs... the upside down remains of a boomer etc...

  2. I should have given you credit! My apologies