Thursday, 27 November 2008

Starfox Adventures


To this day, I consider Starfox Adventures to be one of my most sought after games ever. Bearing in mind I was ten at the time, and I considered the GameCube to be the greatest thing EVER invented, I was desperate to play this game.


So that Christmas (Christmas 2002, and I can tell you know that scares the shit out of me because I remember it like yesterday) I ran downstairs and there it was. I got a new TV that year as well, so imagine my GLEE when I sat down to play it. I loved it, and this day I still have fond memories of it. The opening level as crystal, fighting the giant airship with the moving head. Fantastic. This game was beautiful (and still is, from the looks of the screenshots I’ve found) and I remember it being deeply atmospheric. In fact it probably still is! I really should dig it out and play….



So, Imagine my surprise (Yes this blog has a point, not just a reason to be nostalgic) when I found out that this whole game was an N64 game that was cancelled and re-released (after an update) as a Starfox Game on the GameCube! I know! Shocking! Here’s the video. I’m off to see the Mighty Boosh Live :P


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  1. Bloody heck. Thank god they did it for Gamecube instead. It really shows how much they improved the consoles.