Sunday, 23 August 2009

Unreal Tournament 3: Single Player

When I first got Unreal Tournament 3 on the PC the one thing I didn't even bother to try was the campaign mode. I had no intentions to ever play it either, as I had heard it was utter shite, so I just stuck with Instant action and online modes.

But when I borrowed it off a mate for the Xbox, I decided to give it a try (Mainly because I don't have Xbox Live at the moment) and so, today, me and my girlfriend decided to try and clock it.

To cut a long story short? We finished it within about six hours, and to be honest it was rather enjoyable. It was just a set list of CTF and Deathmatch games yea, but they were a good laugh to complete and a few of them where quite cleverly done.

However, one thing that irritated both me and Emma, was the story. For some very daft reason, EPIC believed that despite the fact that Unreal Tournament has never needed any sort of narrative apart from "It's a tournament in which people blow each other up for money", they decided it needed what I can only describe as a "Healthy dose of the Gears of War treatment". The result is an utterly ridiculous, fragmented mess of a story which never really goes anywhere and to be honest never even makes you care that it doesn't. The characters are like the rejects from Gears of War who weren't included because they were all too mentally retarded. The main character, a delightful chap named... something, is so irrational and demented about revenge on a woman who actually doesn't seem to have any relevance whatsoever to previous events in the game that he ends up conducting his own invasion onto an enemy planet... just so he can face her off in a few games of Capture the Flag and Death match... see where I'm coming from here?

So anyway, an enjoyable experience in co-op it was, but nothing more.

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