Monday, 7 December 2009

So Much Hate!

I was playing COD again tonight with some mates, and it was going OK and we were having fun, until we ended up playing Ground War with a bunch of Americans. This one kid in my party (who is often rather annoying, but he's a friend of my mates so I normally put up with him) started to swear his head off for no reason about them being American (I mean honestly, he was like Speedy Gonzales with turrets) and then this guy from our team told him to "Shut up you American C**t". Turns out the guy was Porterican but did this stop this kid? Nope, in fact he laid on the hate even more.

I ended up quitting and coming off altogether. It's just sad really, how worked up people get over something as silly as a game...

1 comment:

  1. I have calmed down quite a bit at COD. But I'm still not happy if someone breaks one of my rules :(