Friday, 23 January 2009

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode One

Bought this, this morning. To be honest, I kinda regretted it straight after because I hadn’t read… GOOD reviews for it. Just average ones. Still, it was already downloading so I sighed, set my PS3 to shut down after download and off I went to college.


I got home around 8, wandered down the local Tesco with a mate and got back around 9. I booted it up, sighed, and began playing.


Let me tell you, I love Penny Arcade. The web comic is funny as hell, and never fails to deliver off the wall yet true to life wit and humor. It’s a must read. No doubt my obsession with the web comic was one of the factors that led me to buying this game. So why was I so cynical about my purchase? Well firstly it’s an RPG and I don’t really do RPG’s… Also, it’s episodic. Meaning that no matter how long they claim it is, It just wont be.


As usual though, I ate my own words (for the record, they taste rather rich like fruitcake, and as you well know, fruitcake is the preffered choice of desert for a liar). I love this game. It’s around 6-8 hours long (or so I’ve heard), has a rather fresh combat system (it’s just the usual turn based, but it’s not as strict as Final Fantasy) and, best of all it is funny as hell. It really left me wetting myself with laughter. It’s brilliant.


The character creation system is pretty impressive as well. Your character appears in the cut scenes, fully animated in 2D. It’s rather clever!

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