Friday, 11 December 2009

"Playstation 3 is teh winnar" Claims Man In Big Hat.

This delightful image above, is the highest rated games of this year according to my favourite review site ever (*cough* I shamelessly plugged you... so... you know... favours... *cough*)

Incase you're blind, half of those are Playstation 3 titles which instantly makes the Playstation 3 the best thing to ever happen to the Earth ever. Which is great. Until you think about it for more than twenty seconds.

Now I don't mean to be a cynic here but... only two of those games are exclusives. Uncharted 2 and God of War Collection. One's a sequel and ones just a cash in of old titles (albeit very good old titles but you get the drift. They're PS2 games). The Xbox ones are the same, except only one exclusive and that's a third installment and the DS makes only instance and it's a fabulous exclusive... of a long running franchise. And it's just been released on the PSP.

Kinda depressing really. There's only one IP there and it's Arkham Asylum but even then it's based on characters from other mediums and the story was from a DC comic under the same name released over fifteen years ago. Oh and it's multiformat.

Still, well done Playstation because I enjoyed Uncharted 2 to an insane degree. You deserve all the rewards in the world for that title alone.

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