Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rock Band

I played this for the first time yesterday. My Sister borrowed the full band set (excluding the bass) for the Wii, so of course me a few mates decided to have a go.


In short, I didn’t think much of it, which is disappointing really. I found the guitar uncomfortable to use (which could just be due to my obsession with Guitar Hero 3, which has  a different guitar). The best way to describe it would be playing Guitar Hero with marshmallows taped to your fingers..


The drums, I enjoyed. They were fun at first, but after you realise that no matter how quietly you try to play, you will NEVER hear the song and that they never register all the hits, they don’t seem as enjoyable anymore.


The tracklist is terrible, with only about three songs that are worth playing.


Overall, a major disappointment.

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  1. Guitar Hero World Tour fixes the hardware problems you speak of.