Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Garry's Mod Gamemodes: 2

In continuation of a previous blog post.

I was browsing Garry's Mod servers today out of complete curiosity (as is the usual case). I was going to connect to a server that some friends were messing around on, but as it was a role play one I decided against it and ended up choosing one randomly. Turns out it was the Fretta test server hosted by Facepunch which was... lucky I guess.

So here we go. Opinions on Fretta.

I played four gamemodes in all of the time I was connected, and considering I was only connected for around forty minutes that's pretty good. I was instantly impressed by the selection of gamemodes, the sleek new UI that's been Incorporated and also just the general creativity displayed throughout the whole thing. It actually felt like Garry's Mod 2.0 if I'm completely honest. Fast, fun and professionally done. The four modes I played were...

Sniper Wars

This was the first I played and If I'm honest I wasn't really impressed. Just a simple sniping game. Not my cup of tea.

Garry Ware

This was excellent. Everyone on the server works as a team, and everyone has to complete five second tasks that are set by an announcer. They range from "Don't stop sprinting" to "Catch five watermelons in a bath!". The winners receive points. The losers receive disrespect. Brilliant stuff.


This was my favourite by far. It's the same premise as the traditional Zombie Survival modes but with a great twist. One person starts as the poltergeist, and the rest of the server stars as the humans. The poltergeist then takes control of a random prop, and then basically you fling yourself around the room in an attempt to physic kill the humans. If you get hit, you turn into a poltergeist. Absolutely amazing when you're the last human alive and there's just random stuff flying in all directions. Genius.

Fort Wars

Just an average building game. It was all right.

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  1. Should have joined us on Role play it was epic :P