Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ingame Blabbering

I was playing Mirrors Edge today and I realised that Merc was just asking Faith loads of random questions and she just wasn't answering. And... I liked it. I think it was certainly more realistic than most games where you're character's getting shot at from every possible angle and he's reciting the entire works of Shakespeare (It's even worse on things like Gears of War where the persons not even there). It was just a welcome touch, a more realistic touch at that, to think that she's not responding all the time because she's concentrating and in a way it's almost as if Merc's asking himself the questions.

I do like the Voice acting on Mirrors Edge. It's not great, but it's certainly not bad either. Really reflects the stylistic features of the whole game, this sort of laid back attitude to everything but also this... I dunno almost obsessive desperation to uncover the truth. Brilliant stuff.

You know, I think I'll do a long blog tomorrow on Voice acting.

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