Saturday, 26 September 2009

Garry's Mod Gamemodes: 1

I was messing around on Garry's mod and I decided to have a gander at some of the gamemodes online, as seem as though I never do play it online.

Here are the two I played:


You build a boat from loads of different props, weld it together and then see if it floats when the timer runs out. Then, if it floats, you get a weapon and just go mental on other people's boats until they sink. Surprisingly enough I got absolutely addicted to this for about two hours, then went back on it a while ago for another few hours. Then I just got bored. Good premise, but something the destruction of other people's boats can be a bit... tedious.

Zombie Survival

I don't even need to explain this. Team of Zombies, Team of survivors. The Zombies have to convert all of the humans into Zombies. The last survivor standing winds. Great fun, until it just grates on you like a human sized cheese grater. I find this so irritating I want to scream until my throat bleeds. It's so BORING. May as well play Left 4 Dead, or even better Zombie Panic Source! It's free and just as good! Or Zombie Master for that matter!

No doubt I'll play a few more over the next few days.

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