Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Racing Games

So Gran Turismo 5 has been development for longer than I even care to remember, and after reading about it for a bit today I realised that I don't even have a single thing to say about it. I honestly don't care about complex, realistic racing games in the slightest. All this talk about millions of ways to custom tune your new pimp mobile in Forza 3 or the amazing new.... I dunno destruction mapping in Gran Turismo 5.... It just means nothing to me.

The only racing games I enjoy are ones that are so over the top they would make Lewis Hamilton fall to his knees and weep blood. I'm a sucker for the futuristic blur-fest Wipeout, the tonka toys equivalent of real life driving Trackmania and of course the classic Mario- Kart which I don't have a witty comment to put before it. These games are fast paced, exciting and very entertaining. These games are the adrenaline junkies happy place, where as Gran Turismo is to me, reminiscent of driving long distances with my parents... after my Game Boy has ran out of batteries.

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