Monday, 12 October 2009

Mirrors Edge: The Return

Now as pretty much everyone knows, I love Mirrors Edge. It's great, so great in fact that I've finished it about twice. Which for me is rare. Very rare. I on;y ever finish great games more than once.

Now as you all know I got a copy on the PC and I've been playing it a rather lot these past two days and I've once again realised how damn good it is, but I also realised WHY I , and everyone else who enjoys it, keeps coming back for more.

Now I understand that Mirrors Edge is short but that's part of my point here, and my point is there is no greater thrill than being able to pelt through the whole game seamlessly with none of the exploration aspects of the first play through and especially none of the wrong turns, the falls, the bloody frustration... Sorry I was having a flashback of my first play through of the atrium level... But anyway it's just so much fun, it's incredible.

Also, I was playing the second chapter, and as I jumped down the side of the building, sliding across the glass I realised that I'd mistimed my jump and was going to miss my next one onto the nearby building and I just thought "Shit... Shit I'm going to fall... I'm going to fall and die!" And even though I've played this level a million times on the speed runs and time trials I panicked, and I just felt the same rush of adrenaline I felt the first time I ever played it. Proof, that this game never gets old.

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