Monday, 26 October 2009

A Few Things...

Just wanted to chat about a few things today, without mentioning that game I've been talking about for a while now (Happy Friz?)

First up, it's been sort of confirmed that Activision has been working on a remake of the quite fantastic N64 Goldeneye for the... erm... Wii Shop. OK, so it's on the wrong bleeding console but still there . It's still being remade. Although knowing Nintendo It's probably just the N64 version with more waggle waggle.

Secondly, how good does Borderlands look please? A loot driven, cell shaded, Fallout 3-Esq RPG with online co-op? Dunno about you but that sounds like a pretty damn good game. I'll defiantly be picking this up.

Oh and lastly, Modern Warfare 2 will be joining us in just over a fortnight. I'm kinda excited. Actually if anything I'm almost intimidated because I'm buying it on the Xbox, meaning I have to play with everyone I know from College who had COD 4..... It's gonna be tough!



    And Thanks, I don't know how much more Uncharted I could put up with before I went green and smashed the place up.

    What are you getting Borderlands on by the way?

  2. MW2 will suck donkey dick I tell you.

    Borderlands, i was kinda hyped for but now cba because i'm going to be getting Dragon Age origins.

    And I don't feel that this blog has written enough about Uncharted 2, you seem to be missing htep oint that its the greatest game ever made. 97 on metacritic? Come on young man, More uncharted bummage please.