Saturday, 5 September 2009


Surprisingly, this is my most played game on the PS3 lately for one sole reason. It's still as fun as it was back when I first started playing it in 1995.

All you need is you and preferably three mates, although one is enough, and you already have yourself around 30 hours worth of party fun. Literally, there is nothing funnier or more exhilarating than a game of worms and I know that sounds ridiculous but it can get so competitive at times, you actually fear for your life (well, in my case anyway.)

Also, the online play means that you can have as much fun by yourself! It's like the videogame equivalent of masturbation.


No I'm actually going to stick with that.

Anyway, I'd buy it for your respectable console right this second!

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  1. Kicked your ass back in Easter.

    Or whenever it was... and I forgot if it was you I was against now?