Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Today Is A Good Day! Part 2!

A few VERY important things!



I'm downloading it now, so expect a full verdict tomorrow on what could well be the game that finally makes me cream my pants just by the loading screen. It could happen!

Crash course is out! The new Left 4 Dead campaign reared it's zombified head out of Valve's window. Is it any good?

.... I don't know I haven't played it yet BUT IT'S STILL OUT! I'll play it tomorrow, as seem as though I am desperate to play some Left 4 Dead as of late. I've been drooling over random mods on TF2 lately but there's enough to talk about that to fill a whole blog...

And lastly...

Charlie Brooker, who is my idol, has made a program that follows the same format as the quite frankly excellent Screenwipe that's all about games, the imaginatively named Gameswipe. It's on tonight at 10PM on BBC4 and I would recommended everyone who reads this blog to go and watch it. If you're reading after today, then I would run over to iPlayer straight away. It's going to be informative, funny and completely satirical. What more can you ask for?

Here's a sneek peak!