Thursday, 17 September 2009

Modern Whorefare 2

I have this pre-ordered, and I'm in two minds. The first is so excited he could wee himself. The other is so bitter and disappointed he would make me wee myself out of pure shame...

See, this bitter side is angry for two reasons. The first, is the ridiculous price tag on the thing. £55!! What the FUCK! Wait... I'm actually willing to pay this?? WHAT THE DOUBLE FUCK!

Secondly, I'm getting it for the Xbox. Which... well I know for a fact that the frame rate and the graphics will be more superior on the PS3 but.. well I know more people on Xbox live. But the main reason for this decision is... they're only releasing the map packs on the Xbox. Oh yes, I lowered myself to the point where I will allow Activision to bend me over.

The gamer within me is going ballistic. It's telling me that it's just a ploy, they'll all be released for the PS3 a few months afterwards... but I'm not listening, and I don't know why D:


  1. If you were smart, you would get it on PC where not only do you get the map packs on time, but you get them for free aswell.