Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Abuse! All of it! Nothing but abuse!

Since when did everyone on PC games get so abusive? Ok, so I can understand why Counter Strike is so ragey but Left 4 Dead? Hell, even Team Fortress 2?

Don't get me wrong, I've encountered my fair share of twats on both games but recently it's like every server I join at least one nut job has a go at me! Sometimes it's funny, especially when you just play along with them but sometimes it's just like "Woah, just let me play yea?"

For example, on Left 4 Dead today I was the tank and incapped about two people. It was an Ok job in my eyes, but then everyone on my team started with the whole "Oh God that was terrible" mumble mumble etc. Then this one guy just started spewing off a whole list of insults, literally it was a freaking novel!

I mean, ok I get it. I'm a bad gamer, but you don't have to remind me about it! I think I know how bad I am myself thanks!

Anyway, just a ramble!

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