Friday, 25 September 2009

Social Networking Sites: Games

So the recent boom of social networking sites was always bound to produce some sort of advancement towards videogames and I suppose in a way they have. I started playing Mafia Wars on Tuesday and I can be honest with you, it's great.

Now I know not a lot of people are that bothered about casual web games but Mafia Wars, and in some ways Farmville but I would class that as more casual, are very much in depth real time RPG's. Most of all however, they're time wasters.

Mafia Wars works in the same was as conventional RPG's. Do jobs, use some energy to do these jobs, gain experience and money but lose energy meaning you can only do a limited number of Jobs in a row. Same if you fight, except lose health and fight points but gain health and experience. The difference between conventional RPG's and these browser based ones however is that your energy points only refresh over real time, so you have to wait four minutes for some more energy. Same with your money income (You can buy properties) which refreshes every hour.

So far, so Kings Of Chaos, (If you remember what that is, then my God please leave a comment I need to hug you) but your backup or your "Mafia" is all of your friends on facebook who play it. Which is pretty nice, because you all gain experience, health and perks because of the simple fact that you're all very bored friends.

Anyway, I'm loving long Blog posts lately :P Now go! Henceforth! Play!


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  1. 1) I remember
    2) All those games are based around invinting people to join so the game can gain popularity. It's why I don't like them.