Thursday, 18 December 2008




As a PS3 player, I’ve never had the luxury of the Xbox360 gamer cards that allow gamers to flaunt their achievements around the internet. So imagine my glee when I’m introduced to a website named “PlayFire”


PlayFire is advertised as a social networking site for gamers and some ways I suppose it is. You can add friends and join groups and of course the ever present profile wall is there so you can make the always hilarious “Tit Box” comment on your best friends wall, which he will inevitably view as his mum walks in the room. However, what makes PlayFire very, very special is that it’s basically the biggest flaunting device since the Xbox360 gamer cards.



Take my profile for instance. Currently, it displays the games I’m currently playing, my PS3 trophies, all the consoles I own, a random Youtube video I chose, some gaming screenshots and an all important graph to show which gaming genres I love. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The best part of course, is that you can view every single game I own at the time of writing. All one 155 of them. It’s marvelous.


Make sure to join up, and of course, add me because let’s face it. I’m a child of this generation, and therefore a social networking whore.


Check out my profile here.

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  1. Check it out where?

    I told you bout this :D

    I have still to do all my games.