Friday, 12 December 2008

Home Is Where My Wallet Is

At 9PM yesterday, Home went live. By the time I'd downloaded and installed Home, which in all honesty only took 8 minutes, I was literally jumping with excitement. I couldn't wait!

Of course, Sony must have installed an excitement sensor in the SixAxis, because it wouldn't let me log in until half past. So I took my first tentative steps into the world of Home irritated and frustrated. Not a good start.

In all honesty, my experience with Home yesterday wasn't a good one. I couldn't grasp the Avatar creator and my character had a head the size of the fecking moon and a nose like a coat hanger. There also seemed to be a lack of clothes. Again, not a good start.

To sum this all up, last night I was annoyed by the servers that kept timing out, my first apartment and the lack of furniture in it, the lack of decent clothes that are free and the lack of any content this early on. I went to bed annoyed.

So anyway I woke up this morning and booted it up to see if I would have a change of opinion. I did. In fact, my opinion changed so much I even bought the Summer House and a few clothes.

At the moment, Home is nothing more than Habbo Hotel in HD, or a less complicated and more console friendly version of Second Life. A lot of people may be complaining about the fact that Sony "Haven't lived up to their promises" but all I have to say to them is wait. Homes being advertised as an open beta version for a reason. Were looking at a very simple version of what has the potential to become one of the greatest experiment in gaming since the rumble pack.. Ok that was a bit of a shitty comparison but surely you get the idea.

You could say that Mii's were merely a test of what Avatars can do, the Xbox experimented with them in HD with limited community aspects and Home.. Well. Home has taken avatars and made them into something worthwhile. Now if you excuse me, I'm going Home.

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