Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Categories Reveal Interesting (And Rather Scary) Results

I got up early this morning, and as I was getting ready I was having a look at my Game collection. As Christmas is getting near (9 Days! Sorry, had to mention it somewhere) I was thinking of the games I was getting and I came up with a rather odd conclusion. I only have 7 PS3 games at the moment, but all 7 of them involve Guns. In fact, LittleBigPlanet is the only game I’m getting this Christmas that doesn't have guns in it…


When I came in tonight, I was having a look at my other collections and realised the same thing was present. Being the sad boy I am, I categorized all my gaming collection by console. The results offer a vague insight into not only what Games I’m interested in, but basically an insight into what Games are primarily present on consoles (Or at least, what key themes run throughout)


Out of the 7 games I own, 2 are First Person Shooters, 5 are Third Person Shooters, 1 is a Free Roaming Game and all 7 involve guns. But it is the PS3, so it is aiming at a more adult audience.



Out of the 19 games on my shelf (My sister plays with them more than me, so God knows where most have them gone), only 4 contain realistic guns (I didn’t count Eledees or Metroid 3), 3 of which are First Person Shooters, 2 are “Sports” titles, 2 are Fighters (Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat), 7  are party games (Wii Play being the most obvious), 1 is a Rhythm Game and 2 are adventure games.


This surprised me actually, as I realised just how tame the Wii is. Compared to my Gamecube, where titles such as Resident Evil 0, Killer 7 and Eternal Darkness were always present it’s quite a shock to see Nintendo reduced to this level. Well, I already knew that but what really surprised me was that I own a lot of titles I would never have bought normally. It’s quite worrying.


That’s all I looked at, I did look at PC but it’s all FPS’s and MMO’s  (and one I decided to class as a “Racing, Music, Puzzle Thing”)


A bit of a sad blog post I know, but I was interested in the stark differences between my collection. It’s rather odd.


Just me? Fair enough

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  1. Metroid Prime 3 is a shooter.

    I don't class Third Person shooters as real shooters. The only one I have is a RPG Shooter - Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cyrbius (something like that). Its not time based like FF normally, its action but you can upgrade guns.