Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Merry Christmas To All

That’s me and Shrimpdude dancing while dressed up as elves, and in hindsight I could have picked a better picture for today’s blog post but… meh. It’ll have to do!


So it’s Christmas Eve, but the chances of me doing a blog tomorrow are slim so I’ll do one today that covers both days! It’s almost Christmas, and firstly I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas! Especially those who read this blog on a regular basis!


In other news, I got LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 and FarCry 2 today. I’ve only played ten minutes of LBP, but it looks good! Full review after Christmas no doubt. Tomorrow should be a good day for games as well, as a lot of my mates are getting a PS3 for Christmas which I’m sure they’ll all enjoy! Especially one of my closest friends who is still under the impression that he’s getting Rockband for the Wii *sniggers*. Wish I could be there when he opens his 80GB PS3 and 8 games. Would be a cracking moment. Wait I’m annoyed at that kid, he bought me a thong for my Christmas box.


Wow, that’s a major tangent!


Anyway, Ciao

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  1. What's a Chistmas box?! You mean Secret Santa?