Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas Goodies!!

So did everyone have a good Christmas? I know I did! Amongst other things (like a 26” full HD TV) I finally got my hands on LittleBigPlanet, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge and Prince of Persia. Basically, these will probably be the games I’ll be blogging about most so if you don’t like then… sorry? So, first opinions:


Great game. I loved the demo and a friend constantly ranted and raved about it for weeks so I’m glad I can finally play it. It’s smooth, uncomplicated and the graphics are sweet. Overall a very good game, but even at the point I’m up to it feels like there’s something missing…

My expectations of this game were quite low in all honesty. The first Far Cry and Crysis certainly aren't on my top ten list I can tell you, so I wasn’t expecting anything great.. But surprise surprise, this turns out to be a fantastic shooter. I’m not far through it, but it WORKS. It’s brilliant. The fire is superb, the graphics are amazing and there’s a lot of depth even from the start. I’m especially impressed with the little things like pulling bullets out from your leg and fixing cars. Well good.

In all fairness as soon as I paid £25 for this yesterday I thought I’d made a mistake. As I was loading, I kept getting what can only be described as Nam flashbacks of the god awful two thrones and the emoness of Warrior Within. I just couldn’t see how this game could be good after those two installments… But what I didn’t remember was the fantastic Sands of Time which is what this game can easily be compared to. It’s fresh, it’s original. It’s fun to play which I didn’t expect. It’s a little bit clunky to start off with but once you get into the habit of it (about 15 minutes in) it becomes something great.


Perfection. I can’t say anything about it that you won’t have all heard before. It’s just a work of art. It all makes sense. To me, this is a no brainer of a game. If you don’t own it yet, beware. If I see you in the street I’ll simply look at you, shake my head and walk away.


Color, Stephen Fry, Creativity, Sack Boys, Kratos Sack boys, multiplayer, trophies. Heaven.

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    Ah well, I have £200 nearly. Xbox or save for PS3?

    Just bought GRAW2 from Steam :P