Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dungeon Keeper MMO?

The good news? EA today announced Dungeon Keeper Online, an MMO-based continuation of Bullfrog's classic strategy games. Bad news? It's not for you.

Dungeon Keeper Online, as the game will be known as, is to be developed by Chinese studio NetDragon Websoft. As part of the deal,. NetDragon will get access to all of Dungeon Keeper's "themes, characters and other game content", while EA will get access to (provided the game succeeds) large amounts of cash money.

Apart from the fact it's a "3D massively multi-player online role playing game", nothing else about the game was announced. Sadly for Western lovers of the franchise, the game is slated to appear only in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.”

Good news! You know, apart from the not being able to play it bit….


  1. I can't see this working. What we need really is Dungeon Keeper 3 - RTS.

  2. There was an DK3 advert on Dk2. They went above the surface.

  3. Liam told me a while a go that it got cancelled, but most of the code went into Black and White or something...

  4. Yea it did. In fact I think about 60% of the coding went into Black & White