Monday, 13 October 2008

A Wii Game Worth Playing

One of the reasons I left my Wii was the distinct lack of quality games. No matter what Nintendo threw at me it never stuck, even if they super glued it. Ever since I got my Ps3 (and a considerable time before that) I've never even touched my Wii apart from when moving it so my Ps3 could fit under my TV. 

Yesterday, I couldn't be arsed to bring my Ps3 back upstairs and my crippling laziness was preventing me from going down to play it. So I booted up the Wii and a copy of strikers with my mate and decided to see if we still enjoyed it. Simple answer, yes we did. He whupped me, 8 games to 2, but I got in enough cheeky goals that made him swear to the high heavens to make up for it.  

It kinda made me realise what the Wii's all about. Playing NEXT to someone, instead of playing online. It almost made me want to keep playing by myself, but then I realised it's crap on single player and went back to COD.

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