Thursday, 9 October 2008

Now That's Realism

I got Playstation Official Magazine the other day. It came with a free Demo disc as per usual, and before discarding it (It's had the same demos on the disc for a few months now), my girlfriend had a look. 

I'm one of those really lucky people who happen to have a girlfriend who shares the same hobby as you, and in our case we both adore games. Together, we've finished Half Life and a few others and regularly compete on Team Fortress 2. So, as she glanced over the list of games and I pottered around the room she came out with this.

"There all the same though, aren't they?"

Bemused by this statement, I asked "What do you mean?". She replied "There all too realistic. Whatever happened to... Sly Racoon! And original Spyro games! Games these days, especially for PS3 and Xbox are too realistic." 

She's right of course. Most modern day developers are determined to create the most realistic of experience they sometimes go as far to forget to check if the game is actually fun. I agree that Call Of Duty is a masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid 4 is amazing and Crysis is a good laugh but there all very realistic. 

In the mainstream, I believe there's four different types of games lining the shelves. The "Brutal Shooter" in which a man with lions for arms charges through a desolate war torn landscape killing everything in his path and eating them (Avec Gears of War), The "Crybaby Shooter" in which a group of hardened men go to a desolate war torn landscape to die and kill many MANY people (Most realistic, and Call Of Duty 4), The "Inbetweener", this is normally the same as the other two but with a sense of humour or a stupid 
story (Metal Gear Solid 4). Finally, we have the "Everything else". These are the games that normally deserve our attention more than the rest. 

Personal opinion of course.

And what did happen to Sly Raccoon? I'll tell you. There making this promising looking superhero sandbox game. But like most modern day companies there doing something more adult, just like Naughty Dog did Drakes Fortune and Insomniac did Resistance. 


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  1. Thats like saying

    "There are two types of games, those with the letter 'J' in the title and everything else."