Thursday, 2 October 2008

What The Hell?

What in the name of Donkey Kong is that? Honestly I'm in shock. It doesn't look... Natural.

"So what exactly is new for the DSi? First off, the camera. The DSi features a .3 megapixel camera (640 x 480) which can be incorporated into games in addition to just taking pictures. But if you are using it to just take pictures, then you will have a photo editing tool built into the DSi allowing you to draw on the pictures or stretch and skew parts of the image. But how will those pictures be stored on the limited DS memory? That's where the DSi's SD card slot comes in. Using the SD card slot you can store pictures from the DSi's camera, but you can also store music and video to be played on the DSi. It will feature standard audio/video playback features such as fast forward and rewind, but also some unique features such as the ability to change the audio pitch. Also, to help with playing videos on the DSi the screen size has been increased. It's a small increase (3.25 inches now over the previous 3 inch screen), but the larger screen is still appreciated."

*wipes brow*. A DS with a camera, a larger screen, music and video playback as well as an SD card slot? Christ... Why?

I hate it when Nintendo do this. I really do. "Look at us!" they shout "We have shiny Apple like features for half the price!" Mystified I buy, then notice the blatant disregard for the hardcore market (Ie me. Since the SNES). 

Ah well.... I may buy. 

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