Thursday, 30 October 2008


Ahhh! Zombies! Aren't they amazing? The shambling undead, the frenzied ghouls and the mutated freaks! It's like Christmas every day when there's zombies around!

The greatest thing is though, is that in the last few years the Media itself has been hit by a Zombie epidemic and it's been infecting everything! We've seen an influx in great Zombie movies, over here in the UK were halfway through the fantastic TV series Dead Set, and the comic industry has been spewing out Zombie comics like there's no tomorrow! 

But the best of course, is the games! At the start there was Dead Rising which despite what reviewers said about it, I loved it to bits! Big, meaty human bits, detached from the body with a lawnmower! In recent years, we've had hundreds of quality Half Life 2 mods and even Uncharted got Zombies in the end of it! Coming up we have the mouth wateringly good Left 4 Dead   and even Call of Duty 5 has a zombie mode that looks to be quite fun!

Ahh so there you go. If there's a game with Zombies I'll love it, and so will the consumer apparently! I give the Zombie phase maybe a year before it dies out but do not fear fellow undead worshippers! There will be plenty of quality games until then! Happy hunting!

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  1. Hmm...brains...
    Ever heard of UrbanDead? It lets you eat brains...