Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sea of Dreams?

You see that? That's a tiny big daddy doll held by what appears to be a little sister in this mind numbing video: Click here to watch it!

OK, I can't believe I stumbled across it but there you go. That's a teaser trailer for.... God dare I say it? Bioshock 2. Sea of... Dreams.

I don't know how to react. The trailer looks good. It gives a little bit of insight. A prequel? Rapture after escaping? Another city built by Andrew Ryan? It looks promising...

But then again, I have this doubt. This nagging doubt. After finishing Bioshock I never wanted to see a sequel because quite frankly it was perfect the way it was. A one off classic, a one that didn't need a sequel. A one that made it's point and left. But this could well mean a mediocre/terrible game that ruins the first one.

And so, I'm not so glad that I checked CVG for ideas today. Infact, I'm of kind of worried now.

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