Monday, 12 April 2010

Halo MMO – “Better Than Jesus” Claims Man Who… Made It.


Dusty Monk (yes, that’s actually his name) who worked on the cancelled Halo MMO has turned around today and said that it was going to be better than WoW.

“The Halo MMO was absolutely going to compete with WoW"

Oh right OK. Yea I totally believe that. I bet it was going to be just as good as Duke Nukem Forever. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW GOOD THAT IS. Of course you can turn around and say that when we have absolutely no clue what it was going to be like. You know what? I’m going to speculate that you could do ANYTHING. Anything at all. I bet you could even make Master Chief turn into Jessica Rabbit then have him/her fly an X-wing into a T-Rex. Yea, you know what? If that’s what the Halo MMO was, then I’m guessing it was pretty damn awesome.

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