Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gears Of War 3: A Shocking Reveal?


So the Gears of War 3 trailer was released. It had a load of people dead and left as nothing but ash, standing screaming etc. Fairly cool. Then Dom comes running through them looking like Bear Grills made a baby with an actual bear. He comes running through all these dead ash people, just smashing them up etc. and then the locust come and they shoot and… you get the idea. It’s Gears of War. What else do you expect. So far so Epic, in all sense of the word.

Then two really strange things happen.

1) Marcus turns up with short sleeves, making him look like someone advertising a gay cruise to Pompeii.Still, at least I now know what makes a muscle man look instantly gay. Short sleeves! Who would have guessed?


2) A woman turns up. With a gun. Yea you read that right. She turns up, with a gun and starts shooting locust. No she’s not Anya, and no she doesn’t have huge man shoulders. Still, there’s going to be some discussion amongst the internet as to whether she’s a stereotypical video gaming female (i.e. there will be a point where she has her chesticles on display in a completely impractical situation) or so mega butch she may as well be Cole in a blonde wig. Actually… well Epic? Please? For me?

I like it. In fact I love it. Looks to be more of the same but there’s so much potential for some REALLY good storytelling. Take Dom, he looks like a broken man. Beard out of control, his hairline receding. He seems clumsy, and when he falls and sees the locust raise his gun? He really doesn’t care. I’m probably looking too much into this, but this looks to be possibly game of the year 2011.

Trailers below.

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