Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Unreliable Washed Out Hypocrites, Very Nice

Nintendo are releasing a set of games under the title of the “New Play Control Range”.  Basically, Nintendo are porting Gamecube games to the Wii with the new control system plastered over the top.

The first two that will be released is Pikmin and Mario Tennis. Both of which have been dated to be in stores by the beginning of March.


Personally… I don’t know what to say. My gut reaction is to be angry at how Nintendo can’t even come up any new ideas for games and instead are porting old ones instead. However, the idea of playing Metroid Prime or Luigis Mansion with Wiimote is rather tempting, and of course it means they’ll be a lot more mainstream than they were back when they were first released. Still, it doesn't look like their getting a graphical update (I believe the screen above is a shot of the Wii version, and it still looks like an early Gamecube title) which is disappointing.


A final note, is this the Pikmin game Miyamoto announced at E3? If it is, then shame on you sir. You used to be a God.

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