Wednesday, 21 January 2009

What Will Become Of Them?

I’ve had abdominal pain since Monday, and therefore haven't been to college since then this week. After visiting the Doctor this morning (in which a large portion of my Urine was stolen and my stomach was molested) It turns out I did something that pulled it, and therefore have to rest it. It was funny though, because she said I must have been over-exercising, to which I replied that I must have just excersised, because I haven't done any form of physical activity since I was born. Well, if you don’t include the Wii.


So basically, I’ve been bored. Very bored. Yesterday I managed to entertain myself by reading the whole back catalogue of Penny Arcade and by playing Far Cry 2, but today I was at a loss. So I looked under my bed. You know as you do. Under there, I found my Gamecube and my Playstation 1. I was overjoyed! The last time I played a Playstation game was Spyro, and that was before I got my PS3 in August last year. So I dug it out, plugged it in, played it for about 10 minutes then wandered off for food.


As I was making myself a sandwich, I couldn’t help thinking that in give or take 5 years time, it could my PS3 rotting under there. Maybe even an Xbox, or a PSP as well (hey, who knows what the future holds). It was odd, because I physically couldn’t imagine ideally looking under my Bed, or in a cupboard, and seeing a PS3  covered in dust, and feeling only mild nostalgia or quaint enthusiasm towards it. If I saw my PS3 in a cupboard today, I’d freak out. I payed too much for it. Hell I’m afraid to touch it half the time.


So there you go, a little something to think about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m downloading Counter Strike and I still don’t know why.

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