Wednesday, 17 February 2010

iPod / iPhone Games


I got an iPod touch last weekend, and I’ve been messing around with a few of the free games.

I’m quite impressed actually, because the free games are actually brilliant little timewasters. Some of them are genuinely entertaining to play as well, surprisingly.

I’ve been playing Sunday Lawn (Where you have to mow a lawn in one go whilst avoiding hedgehogs. Sounds crap, but it’s fun in practice), Call of Duty: Zombies (An iPhone version of the console minigame and it’s actually amazing. Incredible graphics, pretty easy to control and a great little game to play in short bursts) and Eliminate Pro (a free to play online FPS which is so good it should be illegal. How is it free? I don’t understand it!).

I think I’m going to download a paid game though in the form of Resident Evil 4 because… well think about it. Resi 4 on my iPod? Yes please.

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