Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fallout: New Vegas

New Trailer! Watch it now!

Opinions? Well don’t mind if I do. Also, I’m going to ignore the rumours going around about being able to play as ghouls etc. All seem a bit… fake to me at the moment, so I’ll acknowledge them once they’ve been confirmed. Anyway, here we go:

I like:

  • That Robot. Yes, I know, a stupid thing to start on but I just do. It’s awesome.
  • The logo. It’s very very similar to the original logos which could mean a return to the very original Fallout style. Large deserts, grey super mutants, turn based RPG system etc. This could also be enforced by the trailer starting on a TV screen and slowly panning out, which of course is identical to the opening of the original Fallout.
  • Although it’s only a teaser trailer, the graphics are certainly better than anything released prior to Fallout 3’s release. A new engine perhaps? Improved graphics would certainly be a welcome improvement.
  • The location. Vegas could well be an extremely fascinating direction for the Fallout series, or an extremely bad one. If the game delivers huge desert landscapes, hundreds of locations and of course a living breathing post-apocalyptic representation of Vegas then I would be very happy indeed.

I dislike:

  • While it’s fresh in your minds, let’s go back to talking about the location. If the game delivers an empty, barren wasteland with hardly anything to do and a representation of Vegas that’s about as populated and as interesting as the cities on Borderlands then that’s it. I won’t care. The Capital Wasteland was the best thing about Fallout 3 and that’s a fact.
  • It’s not being made by Bethesda this time around. Instead, it’s been given to Obsidian Entertainment who are famous for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alpha Protocol. That’s it. To top it off, Bethesda aren’t even publishing it in some parts of the world. Eep? I think so.
  • The possibility that it’s too over the top. I’m all for satirical videogames, but Vegas gives Fallout the opportunity to be so tongue in cheek that it not only alienates fans of the series but anyone who dares play it, expecting something with at least some seriousness in it.

Overall though? I’m excited. How could I not be! Fallout 3 was incredible.

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