Tuesday, 2 February 2010



Today I witnessed three sets of virtual boobs. All of which, left me feeling dirty all over.

The first was on a video someone sent me of the new PS3 cinematic thriller Heavy Rain. I’ve been fairly interested in it, so I was glad that there was new footage out there that I haven’t seen. Turns out it was of the main character showering. How fun. On another note, you have to wave your controller up and down to dry her off. I’m feeling a bit put off by this game now…


The second was Mass Effect 2, in which the woman above pounced Captain Shepherd in what looked like an engine room. It was embedded within an article on CVG about Fox News’s reaction to the sex scenes within the first Mass Effect. I watched it thinking it was about the outrage. I was mistaken.Thing is, all I could think about was how the hell did she get her suit off in the first place? I mean… It’s metal isn’t it? If it isn’t then what the hell does she reflect bullets with?


Third was this thing on Conkers Bad Fur Day. I think I’ve been put off games all together now.

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