Monday, 18 January 2010

Silent Scope


Silent Scope was an Arcade game that involved the player taking on the role of a sniper. It played pretty much the same as other Arcade shooters such as House of the Dead, except the gun was mounted and within the snipers scope was a mini screen that showed an enlarged portion of the screen, creating the illusion that the player was zooming into the action on the screen. It was great, very fun to play and was quite revolutionary in terms of arcade game cabinets. Brilliant fun. Except, it would have been. If I didn’t have it on the Dreamcast. Or, if I had it on the Dreamcast and at least had a light gun.

Yes dear readers, I played this game using a fecking controller. That involved slowly scrolling around the screen, pressing L to make the scope view appear on the screen and shoot the enemies. Thinking about it now, it’s baffling that I persevered but for some reason my 12 year old self used to love it. I almost finished it as well, but missed the last shot and died. Can you believe that? I almost finished it.

I can barely get past the first island on GTA4 these days. It’s insane.

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