Sunday, 17 January 2010

Borderlands: Get One While They’re None Existent


There’s a severe Borderlands shortage in my city at the moment it seems. Today my Girlfriend and I went into town to buy it for the PS3 as she’s been after it for a while and we just couldn’t find it. Out of Game, Gamestation, HMV, Entertainment Exchange and Grainger Games found two copies. Two. One brand new (£40) and one pre-owned (£27).

Can you believe that? We checked all consoles as well, out of shock. Only two copies, both for PS3. It’s insane. It’s either a testament to how good the game is or the complete lack of copies that were produced…


  1. I've had a look in my local towns, and found copys for PC, PS3 and Xbox in all the shops I went in.

    The price for a new one was never above £25 either...

  2. How odd. I wonder why it's so much, and in such limited supply, in my city?