Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Either My Eyes Are Going, Or It’s Bad Game Design.


On Burnout Paradise there are three main ways to navigate Paradise City while in an event.

  1. Memorise the entire map. Which is impossible.
  2. The name of the street you are driving down at the time is displayed at the top of the screen. When you need to turn a corner, the street sign for said turn appears to the left (or right) of the screen. It flashes, and moves towards the canter. When it hits the middle and replaces the current street name, that’s when you turn.
  3. Keep looking at the mini map.

The best thing to do is a combination of all three, a hideously cruel task which I just cannot do at all. If I look at the top, I crash into the car in front of me. If I watch the mini map, I crash into a wall. If I just drive and keep checking the mini map, the top of the screen will flash, I’ll panic, and plough straight into a wall.

At first I thought this was bad game design, then I realised that I was really having to strain my eyes, so it’s probably just me…

It’s still bloody awkward though.

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  1. Or, you knwo you coudl just use a waypoint marker.