Sunday, 24 May 2009

Team Fortress 2: The Spy/Sniper Update

So since Friday, I've been playing Tf2 pretty much none stop and I can safely say that I like the latest update that provided the Sniper and Spy with some new toys to play with. However, I must admit, a lot of the new additions irritate the shit out of me.

First of all, the weapons unlocking system. I admit that in theory this system is a lot better than the achievements, but it's a shame it doesn't work. Lady was playing for four hours last night, and she didn't get a single weapon. Nice work Valve. I've been playing for seven and I only have one (admittedly, it is the huntsman which is just the boyo).

Secondly, a lot of the maps are broken. Especially the arena maps. Nucleus seems to have a problem with half of it's platforms being classed as "Solid", meaning you fall through things a lot and for some reason none of the unlockables work anymore on arena maps.... Typically. 

When you overlook the flaws however, what you have here is a very ambitious update that offers a lot to new and old players alike. So good work Valve, just release a few patches pretty quickly yea?

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  1. same with the wooden bridges type things between rooftops on sawmill, and you best keep playing cause its fun to play with, and against, you, so the server shall make it a lot more awesome =D
    and yeah the unlock system sucks my left testicle