Thursday, 21 May 2009

Alyx Vance

When it comes to female companions, the videogame industry often struggles to get the formula correct. If the AI's perfect, the poor girl will have a waist smaller than an oreo and breasts the size of Kilimanjaro. If the looks perfect, then the she'll no doubt be shooting at the wall and getting caught on objects. Or, and this ones the most common, a look that would make feminists froth at the mouth and the intelligence of a dead shrew. (Oh yes Sheva, I'm looking at you)

However, with Alyx Vance, I feel Valve finally did it. She's good looking, but in a normal everyday sort of way. She's witty, she's intelligent and a genuinly likeable character (again Sheva, I'm looking at you. Hang your head in shame girl) but most of all she actually helps. Valve are masters of AI as we all know, and Alyx was certainly the pinnacle of this evolutionary cycle. She knows when to shoot, she knows when to run away from danger, she knows when you need to take care of a problem and she needs to hang back, and when she needs to be right by your side. In all honesty, I actually enjoy the sections when you're with Alyx (Episode one especially) and find them quite entertaining. You know, unlike some games.... (Run Sheva. Run far away) 


  1. Who cares if the AI sucks?


  2. I agree. Alyx is awesome. ;)